Heating and Hot Water

Looking for alternative ways of heating your home and water?

Heating and hot water play a vital role in your home. They are everyday essentials that you can’t live without, especially on those cold winter nights. Or even for the smaller things in life, that make day to day living that little bit more comfortable.

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Because your heating and hot water are so heavily relied upon, if something was to falter with it, it would cause a major disruption to you and your family’s lifestyle. However, we are on hand to get your heating and hot water back up and running in a flash, in the event that something should ever go wrong.

At Pipe and Cable, we provide a whole host of heating and hot water services to meet your individual requirements. New or old, we design, maintain and install heating systems, conventional radiators, boilers, underfloor heating, heat pumps and heating controls.

We can also prevent things from going wrong in the future, as we provide servicing and maintenance for your boiler to make sure it’s functioning the most efficiently it can be.

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We can install your new boiler

If your boiler is coming towards the end of its life, it could be time to consider getting a new one, as an old boiler could actually be costing you more to run. But with the installation of a brand new boiler, you could start making savings as your boiler will be running the most efficiently.

We are more than happy to provide advice and guidance on the boiler replacement for your home, some that come with 10-year warranties.

We are renowned for carrying out boiler installations of all types including CombiLPG, Oil or Electrical for customers in and around the Cambridge area, but we also provide servicing of existing boilers, too.

Boiler maintenance and servicing

You may or may not be aware that every year you should have your Gas or Oil boiler serviced to adhered to gas safety standards, especially if you are a landlord or homeowner.

You’ll be pleased to hear that we can manage your annual servicing for you, so we can give you a call to remind you that your annual service is due and book you in.

We can service your boiler annually to detect any faults and fix them, to get your boiler service completed swiftly and with minimal fuss.

Underfloor heating

Wet underfloor heating is a great, minimalist way to heat your rooms and comes with a whole host of benefits. Underfloor heating utilises the principle of heat rises so you can benefit from nice, even, heat distribution. With underfloor heating, you won’t have to worry about bulky radiators being on the show, or even causing a hazard to the elderly or small children.

Underfloor heating works particularly well in new builds, extensions, kitchens, conservatories and bathrooms, but it can be installed anywhere in your home. Underfloor heating also works well with a variety of floor coverings, but there are some that it doesn’t work as well with.

However, we will be able to give you all the information you need regarding underfloor heating on a free home survey, where we will assess and recommend the best solution for you.

Hot water systems

There is an array of hot water systems available on the market and the best hot water system for your household depends on a number of different factors including your hot water needs, the number of people in your home, the type of fuel available and your property type.

We provide LPG Gas, Oil, Electrical and Renewables options to heat your water more effectively. But we can walk you through all your options when it comes to heating and hot water.

Water softeners

In certain areas, the water supply can be hard which leads to a build-up of limescale in your pipework, boiler, hot water tank etc. It can shorten the lifespan of boilers over time and create issues for your heating and hot water system. If you are thinking of installing a Water Softener please get in touch.

Power flushing

If you have an old heating system and your radiators are not heating up the way they used to, it may be down to sludge clogging up your system. This is from corrosion of the insides of your radiators and pipework which stops your radiators getting completely warm, takes your home longer to warm up and costs you more money in fuel to heat your home.

By having a Power Flush, your pipework and radiators are filled with a chemically clean and intensively pumped clear to clean out the sludge and allow the hot water to correctly circulate and warm your radiators efficiently. A power flush saves you money on heating your property as it allows your radiators to do their job properly.