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Hot and Cold Water Systems

We offer the following services

Hot Water Systems


Hot water systems


Choosing a hot water system usually depends on how much hot water you need, the number of people within the home or building, the type of fuel available and the property type. Our technical engineers can discuss the best option for you, which might include a direct hot water supply with a combi boiler, or an unvented hot water cylinder. Fuel options include gas, oil, electrical and renewables.

Water Softeners


Water softener


In some parts of the country, the water supply can be really hard which leads to a build-up of limescale in your pipework, boiler, hot water tank etc. This limescale build-up can shorten the life of boilers and create issues for your heating and hot water system. Installing a water softener can mitigate against these problems. Talk to us if you’re considering installing a water softener.





Is sludge preventing your radiators from heating all the way up? If you have an old heating system, corrosion from the inside of the radiator and pipework can create a sludge which stops radiators from getting completely warm. You might have noticed that it takes longer for your home to warm up, and that your heating costs have risen. A powerflush gives your pipework and radiators a chemical clean, followed by an intensive pump which cleans out all the sludge. This allows the hot water to correctly circulate, and warm your radiators quickly and efficiently. The benefits will be felt immediately and we will install an inhibitor into the water, to help prevent further sludge build-up. Get in touch to find out whether a powerflush can help your radiators and pipework regain efficiency.





Considering or planning a bathroom update? We offer advice and a professional installation service, so get in touch and let’s talk about how to get your bathroom exactly how you want it. 

Boiler service and maintenance


An annual gas or oil boiler service and inspection is essential to ensure that your boiler is operating safely. We can complete an annual oil or gas boiler service with minimal fuss. Just give us a call to book a time and date.
We also offer the management of annual boiler servicing to our private landlord customers. Whether you have 1 or 100 boilers, let us handle the reminder and booking-in of an annual boiler service. 

Boiler breakdown


Got a boiler emergency or need a plumbing or heating engineer urgently? Please give us a call.


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boiler breakdown

Ready to talk to us?


At the planning stage of an upcoming renovation, new-build, or self-build project? Looking for advice on how you can reduce costs by making your home or business more energy efficient? Want to discuss a boiler replacement? Our fully trained engineers can help.


Get in touch today and we will help find the right heating, plumbing, electrical or renewable solution for you.


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