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In Need of a New Boiler Installation?

When you first think of having a new boiler installed in your home, it can stir feelings of stress and in some cases, even fear. The thought of your home being invaded by muddy boots and your daily routine disrupted by electricians is quite frankly, an inconvenience you can live without.

However, a new boiler installation in your home doesn’t have to be like a scene from a horror film. It can actually be an easy, stress-free experience – when you call in the right people to do the job. Luckily, we are just the people for any new boiler installation.

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What’s The Cost of a New Boiler Installation?

Like anything, when it comes to boiler installation, you want to know how much it’s going to set you back. But, a boiler is an essential element to any household and its value cannot be underestimated. Having a brand new boiler installed in your home can be costly, but the benefits can pay for itself.

On average, having a new boiler installed in your home can save you over £300 a year on your energy bills, as an old boiler could be increasing your energy bills each month.

The exact cost of a new boiler installation for your home is very difficult to determine, as no two households are the same. The cost of a new boiler can vary depending on the type of boiler being installed, its size, the complexity of the installation and where the new boiler is going to be installed.

But here at Pipe and Cable, we offer first-class new boiler installations of award-winning boiler brands, including the likes of Worcester Bosch, Viessman, Ideal, Grant and more at competitive prices.

We only provide the very best of boilers, that’s why we install boilers from trusted manufacturers that are renowned for their reliability for your heating and hot water. The majority of boilers we provide are A rated which means they’re among the most energy-efficient you can get.

You’ll also find that most of the A-rated boilers we provide come with a 10-year manufacturer backed parts and labour warranty, to provide you with peace of mind that your boiler will not falter.

Get A Free Survey

You can find out the exact cost of a new boiler installation by giving us a call and booking a free survey of your home. By doing this, one of our experts can visit your home and identify what work is required in order to carry out your new boiler installation with no stress or mess.

During your free survey, we will provide you with a free, no-obligation quote, so you know exactly how much your new boiler installation will cost you. Our objective is to ensure that you get the very best value for your money in relation to your boiler, the installation and the service you receive.

Save Money With A New Boiler Installation

Did you know that the older your boiler is, the more inefficient it will be to run and ultimately, the more it will cost you? However, you could be making savings when you upgrade to an energy efficient boiler provided by us.

Also, with an old boiler, there’s a chance that it might break down frequently and you’ll have to keep paying out for costly boiler repairs, something that can be prevented with our boiler service cover.

So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today to book your free survey and get your free no obligation quote.