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Renewable Energy is becoming more important as we look to reduce our energy costs and our carbon footprint.

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With the world looking to reduce its carbon footprint to reduce climate change, there is no better time to take advantage of Government incentives to drive this revolution.

People can be skeptical when looking into a new technology but the team at Pipe&Cable have been in the renewable industry for nearly 10 years! We have witnessed Solar Installations generating masses of electricity and hot water, Air source heat pumps heating homes and biomass boilers burning pellets.

There are further revolutions that are happening in other industries which will help to drive the Renewable industry. Electric Cars are due to take over from petrol and diesel engines by 2040. These cars will be mostly charged by homeowners or at work by businesses and therefore will put mass demand onto an already stretched National Grid.

Battery storage solutions are due to become as regular as a boiler in our homes over the next decade. You will be able to store self-generated electricity from solar panels and take advantage of cheaper tariffs at off peak times.

There is no end of solutions for a vast number of situations available. The Pipe&Cable team strive to keep up to date with technology and funding and love to get involved with renewable projects regardless of the size.

If you are looking at improving your energy efficiency and taking control of your consumption, give us a call to talk through what we can do for you.

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Solar PV systems generate electricity to feed your property with free electricity. Currently with a combination of government funding and savings, a Solar PV system pays itself back very quickly, saves you money and reduces your carbon footprint.

The Pipe&Cable team have been involved in over 5000 solar PV installations throughout the region, ranging from existing houses, new build sites, schools, offices and factories.

With our recommended manufacturers we design, install and maintain all aspects of Solar PV systems.

By no means a new technology, the demand for battery storage in the home and business is growing rapidly. With a solar PV system and battery storage you can charge and discharge your battery to optimise your use of self generated electricity and therefore minimise electricity you pay for from expensive energy providers.

If you are really keen, there are complete off grid solutions available which can suit remote homes, barns, stables etc.

Air source heat pumps are most suitable to new builds and well insulated properties. Air source heat pumps take the air temperature from outdoors and convert into heat for your home. It works best providing low temperature heat into the home, so it is important that underfloor or radiator systems are designed to the correct flow temperature so the heat can radiate effectively.

Most importantly the property needs to be well insulated, otherwise heat pumps can run on overdrive and you end up with high running costs, as all the heat you are creating gets lost through the fabric of the building or through draughts.

When combined with a Solar PV system, it can massively reduce the running costs of the home.

These boilers are suitable for new or old properties as Biomass boilers normally burn specially made wood pellets to create heat. As with any burning flame, high heat is created so you can often adapt existing systems to work with a Biomass boiler.

Quite often a large country house or property suits this sort of technology as space is often needed